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Hot Work Habitat Safe Zone

A portable protective work enclosure

Safety is paramount, so it makes sense to do everything possible to minimise the risks associated with hot work. That’s exactly what Cunningham is helping some of the major players in the energy industry to do.

The Cunningham Safezone hot work habitat is a portable, reusable and pressurised system. This system is specifically designed to facilitate welding, grinding and torching in the oil & gas industry, or in any other environment with flammable or toxic gasses present.

  Manufactured in the UK. Shipped Globally. Clever protective covers.

Key Benefits

No need to shutdown operations

A Safezone enclosure allows hot work to be carried out in a clean, safe and hazard free manner, without the need to shutdown the operation of a drilling platform, a refinery or pipeline operations.

It enables personnel to safely carry out repair and maintenance rapidly and safely.

Flexible and modular

Using only the highest quality materials the pressurised system comprises of flame retardant panels that will protect your workforce from the risk of fire. The system is a modular solution that is easy to transport from location to location. This allows the system to be configured and adjusted to any shape or size. You can build around any obstacle and seal pipes, valves, beams, etc.

Over 40 years experience in industrial covers

Cunningham is a world-leading manufacturer of bespoke clever protective covers; with over 40 years’ experience protecting high value-assets across the world.

Serving clients in over 40 countries, there are few parts of the world we have not delivered to.


The Cunningham Safezone enclosure also known in the oil & gas industries as a Hotwork Safety Enclosure (HSE) Unit, a Positive Pressure Hot Work Habitat, an Isolation Enclosure and a Welding Enclosure allows hot work to be carried out anywhere and at anytime during the year without the need for shutdown.


Spark containment
Sparks do not affect plant outside.

Keeps out gasses in order to make the work area safe.

The Cunningham Safezone is designed to be placed on offshore platforms, refineries and eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming shutdowns.

It allows you to create a specialised protective habitat around the area where hot work is to take place and thereby effectively creating a non-classified area within an otherwise classified area.

The unique design of our panels used to build the Safezone ensures functionality, usability, flexibility and modularity.

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