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Our clever dust protective covers defend equipment, machinery and vehicles from negative impacts such as damage and erosion caused as a result of coming into contact with dust. Dust is all around us and may seem relatively harmless but it can damage moving parts in equipment and vehicles, such as ball bearings and axles. It impacts performance and can even stop activity altogether. Consider the amount of dust churned up when a helicopter or aircraft takes off, the amount of sand that can get into the parts of a military vehicle operating in dessert terrain, or simply the amount of dust that exists within factories where a machine is deployed within a manufacturing process. Dust can cause downtime and frequent maintenance which is costly, coupled with the additional costs of equipment being out of action when it is needs to be working. Dust damage will also reduce the overall lifespan of equipment, resulting in large costs to replace expensive equipment so it’s necessary to take steps to keep dust out. Our dust protective covers do just that.

  Manufactured in the UK. Shipped Globally. Clever protective covers.

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